We have a new online ordering process. Each student can view and order their Spring Class Group photo online. Here are the instructions to do so:


  1. Click here to access our online ordering login page
  2. Enter your code to access the private gallery. If you don't have a code, contact us with your student's information to be provided a code. 
  3. You will be directed to the class group gallery page. Scroll through the classes to find your student's class group. 
  4. Click on the class group you would like to order. 
  5. Enter the student's first and last names. Click "confirm."  (you can't add any items to your cart until this is done)
  6. Add items to your cart by pressing the button with each item's price and then click "add to cart."
  7. Click on the cart at the top of the screen to checkout or to order from a different gallery. 

If you have any problems entering your order, please contact us at 916-749-1026 during our studio hours or send us an email.