• Solid colors or simple patterns look best. Avoid VERY bright shirts. 
  • Avoid spaghetti straps, strapless and logo T-shirts. These styles have the potential to look very awkward when the photo is cropped. 
  • Make sure clothes are ironed and ready to go on picture day morning. 
  • Collared shirts look nice. Avoid scoop necks and stretched out T-shirt collars. 


  • Haircuts are best done at least one week before photo day. Picture day is not a good time to try a brand new hairstyle.
  • Strive to pull your student's hair out of their eyes. If needed, tie hair back with a clip, headband or pull it into a ponytail. 
  • Try to comb your student's hair to get rid of that "bed head" look. 
  • Although we may make slight hair adjustments to improve the overall picture, we will not style your child's hair. One-time use combs are available on-site for students to request. 


  • Best NOT to wear a hat on photo day to eliminate a hair crease (aka hat head).
  • Hats are NOT permitted to be worn for Fall pictures.
  • You are allowed to wear hats in Spring photos. 


  • Our basic retouching includes blemish removal, eliminates runny noses, red noses, flaky skin, flyaway hair, red skin. You can purchase retouching for $11 per image.  
  • Braces removal is $25 per image.
  • Would you like more retouching than what is listed above? Contact us for an estimate. 


  • If your student wears glasses regularly and would like to be photographed wearing glasses, we will position their glasses and our lights to reduce glass glare.
  • If your child wears transition lenses (lenses that darken in the sun) please have them put the glasses in their case at least 30 minutes before being in front of the camera. They can put them on when they reach the photographer. This will ensure we get to see your child's eyes in the photograph.