• Solid colors or simple patterns look best. Avoid VERY bright shirts.
  • Long sleeves look best.
  • Avoid spaghetti straps, strapless and logo T-shirts. These styles have the potential to look very awkward in close up photos and will decrease your photo choices.
  • If you will be wearing multiple outfits, bring in the outfits you will be changing into on hangers. We have plenty of space for you to hang your clothes so they don’t get wrinkled.
  • Make sure clothes are ironed and ready to go before your photography session.
  • Collared shirts look nice. Avoid scoop necks and stretched out T-shirt collars.
  • For Black and White sessions dark colors are best. You want your face to be the focus of the photo.


Go for the natural look and bring your makeup with you for touch-ups. If you have booked a Black & White session, then more dramatic makeup usually looks better due to the contrast.


  • Haircuts are best done at least one week before your session. The day you have your photo session is not a good time to try a brand new hairstyle.
  • Ladies, for in-studio sessions, please feel free to bring styling products so you can check your hair between outfits. We have a dressing room with hair spray and plenty of room for of styling.


We love photographing pets! We will work with you and your pet to get a shot that highlights your pet’s personality and focuses on your relationship. Please remember that pets often respond unpredictably to new environments. We kindly request that you bring someone your pet knows to take care of him/her if you have scheduled other sessions without your pet. Please arrive early to allow your pet time to become familiar with our studio. Also, if possible, please relieve your pet before arriving.