There is no prepay needed for your student to be photographed for Spring Pictures. All you need to do is print out and complete the opt-In form that you can find here: This form is needed to photograph the student individually and/or with a buddy. 

Only students who have a completed Opt-In Form or provide the information needed below will be photographed.


Unable to Print? No problem! Provide the information below in writing on Portrait Day. 

  1. Is it an Individual and/or Buddy Portrait. 
  2. Student First and last Name
  3. Student's Teacher Name
  4. Buddy(s) First and last Name and their teacher's name (if applicable)
  5. Parent/Guardian Cell Phone Number(s)*
  6. Parent/Guardian Email(s)
  7. Any additional Emails

*I understand that I will receive a text message to view the photos.